Informational Resources


NCAA Mental Health Educational Resources 

The NCAA website has informational pamphlets on eating disorders, anxiety, risk of suicide, and depression. This is a great resource to check out to learn more about these mental health issues. 

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Safespace is a Bay Area based organization that focuses on reducing the stigma around mental health issues and promote mental wellness. Safespace has a collection of digital resources on a range of different mental health issues, different ways to cope, and how to support family members and friends that are struggling with mental health issues.  


National Institute of Mental Health - Warning Signs of Suicide

This pamphlet details the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are warning signs of suicide. Understanding the warning signs of suicide can be essential in making sure that you are able to find help for yourself or a family member or friend. 


National Institute of Mental Health - Depression

This pamphlet details the nature of depression in teens and how to recognize it and get help for yourself or someone that you know. This is a great resource to check out to learn more about depression and asking for help. 


National Institute of Mental Health - Generalized Anxiety Disorder

This pamphlet explains the signs and symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder and how it is treated. 


National Institute of Mental Health - Stress vs. Anxiety 

This pamphlet explains the difference between stress and anxiety, how to cope, and  how to recognize that you need help. 


National Institute of Mental Health - Action Steps for Helping Someone in Emotional Pain

This pamphlet details helpful action steps to take if you are worried about a family member or friend. Before taking action, it is important to know the warning signs of suicide and then talk to your family or friends if you are worried about them. 


Hidden Opponent

The Hidden Opponent is an organization that raises awareness for student-athlete mental health by sharing the stories of athletes competing at all levels and offering mental health resources. 

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UNICEF - How Teenagers Can Protect Their Mental Health during COVID-19

This article offers helpful coping strategies for the new normal from an expert adolescent psychologist. 

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NATA - Apps for Mental Health

This article has a list of apps with descriptions that can help you cope with any mental health issues that you are struggling with.